Dog X-rays in North Charleston, SC

Veterinarian looking through the microscope

Cat and Dog X-rays and Diagnostics in North Charleston, SC

The wellness exam is the most important aspect of your pet’s care. It serves as the first step in making any diagnosis. Since many internal illnesses produce external symptoms, this exam helps us determine the next diagnostic step which, in many cases, involves laboratory testing. Northwoods Veterinary Clinic is fully-equipped with an in-house veterinary laboratory where we can perform a wide variety of tests. We can also utilize our large outgoing lab for more extensive testing if necessary. Because our lab is right here in our facility, many results can be obtained the same day, which means a diagnosis can be made faster. The faster a diagnosis is made, the sooner treatment can be initiated. If the need for more extensive testing or procedures (such as an MRI or CAT scan) are required, we can refer your pet to one of our area’s specialty practices with which we have an established professional relationship. Call us at (843) 553-0441 to schedule an pet X-Ray today.

Veterinarian with a dog on the diagnostic tableVeterinary Laboratory Tests We Perform

  • Complete bloodwork panels, including comprehensive CBCs and chemistries, thyroid levels, phenobarbital levels, pancreatitis tests, parvo tests, and more
  • In-house canine heartworm and feline leukemia/FIV tests
  • Urinalyses and urine protein to creatinine ratios
  • Fungal cultures
  • High-definition cat and dog X-rays through digital radiography, which can be emailed and/or copied to disc
  • In-house intestinal parasite screening
  • Microscopic cytologic evaluation of lumps, ear exudate, and skin lesions
  • Ocular testing, including tear tests, corneal staining, and ocular pressure measurements using tonometry
  • Blood glucose curves
  • Blood pressure measurements and monitoring
  • EKG

Always feel welcome and the entire staff have my pets well-being as number one priority

-Vicky S.